Homeless in Our Community – Data in Pictures!

Open Knowledge Collaborative (OKC) and Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless (TJACH) have collaborated to create an interactive information resource on our homeless community members. “Homelessness in Our Community” presents up-to-date data in a vivid format. This new infographic uses graphical design elements in lieu of the more traditional static bar chart. The web version of the infographic includes links to data as well as additional resources and reports about the causes and prevention of homelessness and is available at http://www.okcollaborative.org/infographic/homeless2012 or via short link at http://bit.ly/V640iN.

This is a great way to look at complicated pieces of data without getting bogged down in the numbers. The pictures tell an important story about homelessness in our community – for most people it is transitional, a lot of people experiencing homelessness work, most people are from here or have really strong connections here. The data pushes back on stereotypes or biases that are commonly held like – people come here from out of state because our services are so appealing or all homeless people panhandle or you can’t do anything to change homelessness. You can really see that these things just aren’t true. This data offers HOPE! If homelessness is transitional for most folks, then it is worthy of our attention, effort and investment!

Many thanks to the good and wicked smart people at Open Knowledge Collaborative for their efforts on this front!

Open Knowledge Collaborative (OKC) is a Charlottesville based non-profit founded in 2011 on the principles of informed decision making, openness and transparency, and community-wide collaboration. Open Knowledge Collaborative partners with non-profit organizations, local governments, foundations, and research institutions to assist in creating dynamic information resources for our community and to improve information communication within organizations and coalitions. OKC’s Data C.A.U.S.E. is guiding others as they work to Collect, Analyze, Use, and Share data, and then Evaluate program and services information. We are the ones who turn cold, hard data into accessible, shareable information. Open Knowledge Collaborative understands that information sharing is at the center of every collaborative effort.

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