What You Got Cookin’?

Look out the window and see the sun peeking between the buildings. Put on the coffee, and while it’s brewing set out the mugs. Then go into the walk-in fridge and gather the food that was prepped the day before. Maybe it’s a tray of diced potatoes and sliced onions, peppered and herbed and ready to go in the oven. Maybe it’s a bowl of whisked eggs soon to be poured over the hot, buttered griddle. Or a bushel of strawberries freshly picked from the garden to top off the homemade granola and yogurt. Now the coffee is ready, so take that out. And don’t forget the cream. Stack the plates, and get the serving utensils ready.  Before you know it, there’s a line of familiar faces at the breakfast bar, ready to begin their day the right way:  a healthful meal amongst friendly company. And now the sun is just a little higher in the sky.

The Haven’s kitchen serves an average of sixty breakfasts a day, with highs at the end of the month reaching above seventy-five. The food we serve and the ways in which it is served are essential to the restoration of the health of the guests at The Haven.  A large problem with food and the homeless community is not a lack thereof, but the
quality therein.  We believe that physical health is inextricably linked to mental and emotional health, and when working with a population like ours who is afflicted with a wide range of ailments, nutritional value is the number one goal in every meal we make. The foods we purchase, prepare, and serve are rarely processed. We make most meals from scratch, and always involve volunteers and guests in every step of the production. We have been doing this for over three years now and have no doubt in the transformative aspects of making wholesome foods available to our guests.

Oh, and one more thing: The meals are ALWAYS delicious. Check out some of the latest dishes below. We hope you’re inspired to try your hand at some of these culinary achievements!


Pulled Pork Breakfast Tacos with Fried Bananas

Breakfast tacos and fried bananas



French Toast Stuffed with Fresh Strawberries from the Garden and Slivered Almonds



Egg, Cheese, and Bacon Pies Courtesy of The Pie Guy (Check him out on the downtown mall!)

Pie Guy


Eleis the Kitchen Manager and Culinary Hero!



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