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When V heard that we were having a volunteer celebration in January, she said she wanted us to tell her story to our fabulous volunteers. She said she wanted to say thanks. She said she had things to say. Here is what she wrote:

I wanted to be here tonight, but my school commitment would not allow that to happen. Therefore, I asked Steve to read this to all of you. So, please take a moment and stand-up. If I was here tonight, I would shake hands with each and every one of you and tell you thank-you. If not for you, The Haven would not be here. I first became acquainted with The Haven in late July of last year. B., our three dogs and myself were evicted from our home and were living in a campsite. I personally have never felt homeless, that’s just a word for me. Our campsite was our home and it was filled with love and support.

In December, it was destroyed, our dogs placed with the SPCA through Animal Control, and we went into PACEM (this community’s emergency shelter). Since being at The Haven, it gave me an opportunity to take a shower, do our laundry, store our clean clothes, and look for work. I had no computer skills as I had always been a server. Trying to put an application online was like trying to navigate New York City on a bicycle! I looked at the numerous volunteers who helped me on the computer. I’d  like to thank R. for the wonderful resume which helped me get employed. There are some of you who have really gone out of the way for me and I certainly appreciated it. Thanks S. and M. for your undying care and concern. Thanks to Charlottesville Health Access that helped Bobby with medical issues and my dental issues. There are 385 volunteers here at The Haven and between you, over 900 hours of community service. Pat yourselves on the back as that is impressive.

I talked to some folks who were doing a documentary on The Haven. I said being homeless to me is sleeping on the grass with a piece of cardboard under your head. In this community, you can have 3 square meals and be clean. If you walk around dirty and hungry, then you have lost your own self-respect and nobody can give that to you. I feel that being an advocate is the best I can do to let this community know that there are success stories, I know I am one of them.

I would like to let you all know how much your support on my school success means to me and its priceless.

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  1. Erdmute on March 10, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    Superb knowledge! I have been searching for some thing like that for some time these days. Thank you!

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