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If you are interested in using the Sanctuary at The Haven for an upcoming event, please take the following steps:

1) Read Guidelines for Use below to ensure our space is appropriate for your use.

2) Check the calendar at the bottom of this page to see if the date(s) you have in mind are available.

3) Contact Eleis lester ( to request use of the space and discuss The Haven’s donation structure.


Guidelines for Use of the Sanctuary or Other Spaces at The Haven

The Sanctuary is intended to be a resource for this community for use as a practice, performance, and community-building space. Below are the standards for deciding which community groups may have access to this space. Decisions are made by the Events Coordinator and the Executive Director. The following criteria are used to determine the appropriateness of any group’s request to use the space:


Criteria for groups looking to use the Sanctuary and other spaces:

1) Nonprofit and informal community groups have priority over for-profit or commercial entities.

2) The Haven maintains an inclusive philosophy and we expect the same of any group looking to use this resource, in message, tone, and displayed/performed material. This is a safe and welcoming place for everyone all the time.

3) Preference is given for organizations who wish to offer access to or include guests of The Haven in the planned activity.

4) Religious groups are welcome, as long as they meet the first three criteria, but may have access to the space occasionally or sporadically so as not to create a perception of permanent connection between any one religious group and The Haven.

5) Organizations must be willing to meet the terms of the lease agreement for use of the space.


Guidelines for use of the Sanctuary or other spaces:

•Sanctuary capacity: 385

•We do not have dedicated Sanctuary/event staff so we do our best to accommodate the needs of anyone using the space while keeping those tasks in proper balance with our work as a daytime homeless shelter.

•There is no smoking allowed anywhere inside of The Haven.

•Flames of any sort are prohibited, including candles.

•The Haven may require groups to obtain liability insurance depending on the nature of the event.

•Food and beverages may be consumed as long as the space is left as you found it.

•Alcoholic beverages may be consumed at certain events pending a conversation with the Development Coordinator.

•The Haven does not provide event supplies or set up.

•Event organizers will be the single point of contact for all event-related communication with the Development Coordinator.

•Event organizers must leave any rooms in the same conditions in which they are found and assume financial responsibility for any damages incurred to the property in the course of their event. Any trash and/or recycling generated must be disposed of in the bins on 1st st.

In the event of a dispute resulting from a decision made using these guidelines, the community group may bring their concern to the Executive Committee of The Haven for consideration and appeal.


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